First let?s consider the best way to prepare your automobile for transportation. Firstly, your car must be roadworthy. The reason being employees of the auto transport company have to drive it on and off the transporter. Plus, you need to wash you car to allow for easy inspection for such things as scratches and dents.

Then ensure that your car doesn?t have any leaks. Cars are usually transported in batches on one large transporter. You will end up responsible if any leakage of fluids from your own car damages other cars on the same transport. By exactly the same token, make sure your vehicle’s gas tank is less than a quarter full and other fluids such as break and suspension fluids have room for expansion.

Next, secure or remove any accessories your car may have. This includes specific things like antennae and wide mirrors on the outside of your car and after-market CD players on the inside. Ensure that your alarm is disabled along with any other devices that could drain the battery. Remove all personal possessions from your car because the transport company will not want to take responsibility for them. Actually, the Department of Transportation does not legally let the transport of personal belongings in vehicles transported on auto carriers.

Bear in mind you might have to drive your car to a pick-up point agreed between you and the automobile transport company. Simply because the transporter vehicles may be unable to access your neighborhood owing to their size.

Finally, don?t forget to consider the climatic conditions. If you?re moving to, say, Alaska, it will be smart to put anti-freeze into your vehicle before shipping. Plus check your heating or air-conditioning systems. béton can also request a covered transport to help expand protect your vehicle contrary to the elements.

For international shipments, some other steps are needed. To begin with, you need to confirm your car meets environmentally friendly standards of the destination country. You can aquire this information from the consulate of the united states you?re moving to alongside details of any restrictions that may apply. Your auto car services transport company can assist you here. Note that international car transport regulations specify that cars be no taller than seven feet and have a minimum of four inches ground clearance.

Checking the automobile Shipping Documents

So now that your car is ready for transport, let?s consider the all-important question of paperwork.

The key document involved with car transport is the bill of lading. This outlines all of the conditions and terms of the agreement between you and the auto car transport services company. A key component of the bill of lading is the condition report which documents the condition of your car during handover. It will contain such details as odometer readings.

As any future claims for damages will undoubtedly be made based on the information in this report, it is advisable to check it carefully before signing. Both you (or your designated representative) and a representative of the automobile transport company need to sign this both before and after loading. Generally, if your car is damaged you have two weeks in which to file a complaint.

For international auto transport, additional paperwork such as for example those required for customs formalities will undoubtedly be required. And make note you will require the original title of your car and a Bill of Sale when arranging international shipment.

Then there?s the all-important matter of insurance. Require a copy of the car mover?s insurance coverage. Your vehicle should be insured against damage and theft by your auto transport company. By law, carriers have to carry a minimum of $1,000,000 worth of public liability insurance and cargo coverage. And don?t forget your owner?s insurance remains in effect throughout the transport of one’s car. If you?re transporting you car by ocean container, it must be professionally packed for the insurance to be valid.

When it comes to documentation, the golden rule is you need to ensure you have everything, like the total cost involved, in monochrome.

Providing you?re ready and follow the aforementioned steps, there?s no reason why you shouldn?t enjoy a stress-free transportation of one’s car. But first ensure you look for a reputable car transport services firm that provides a full service. A reputable car transport company will undoubtedly be happy to provide you with a free quote. Understanding that trained professionals are taking care of your precious car will give you peace of mind during this stressful time.

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