Global Talent Mobility Solutions for Enterprise Organizations

The best way for you to develop a program is to sit down with the chain of command and get some of the employees involved as well. Sit down and develop a strategy that you will tirelessly follow until you’ve determined that it doesn’t work or needs to be changed. Our clients are focused on acquiring and retaining the best talent in the world and choose Odyssey to support them in over 100+ countries and thousands of moves per year.
NEI is a recognized relocation industry leader, known for providing quality service, accurate reporting and excellent consulting expertise. Our technology services are unique in our ability to provide broad levels of support and depth. In addition to these services, the KBF team works with an independent network of service providers to assist our clients with banking, investment, relocation, insurance, immigration or legal requirements. We provide global immigration services only to law firms and businesses. comes with a certain amount of risk. Common travel issues include immigrations/customs issues, lost passports, security concerns, and monetary issues. We really value your contributions, and so does our community of business professionals. Engage employees with the tools and resources to take control of their relocations and assignments.
People analytics provides data-driven insight for workforce strategy and planning, so that talent can be managed and developed to deliver clear business outcomes. Clients, their relocating employees and our service partners can click here to login to our Global Gateway for technology support. We help communities around the world move people and goods safely and efficiently. Our professionals use the latest technologies – including augmented and virtual reality, XD modeling, and drones – to deliver complex roads, bridges, tunnels, highways, and transit solutions. When facing their toughest mobility challenges, our clients turn to Parsons for functional, dependable solutions that their communities can rely on.
In a globalised world, businesses must work seamlessly across borders. Organisations operate in multiple countries and view international expansion as a strategic objective. International talent mobility is a key element of a successful global business and with it comes challenges and risks, as well as opportunities. With ever changing global tax regulations, an effective, compliant and cost-efficiently managed international mobility program is a critical component of successful talent management and business operations. In a globalized world, international business travel is critical to your business.
With over 35 years of experience and comprehensive resources worldwide, TRC’s employee-owners have helped companies to realize their global talent management strategies on six continents. This benefits the employee in the transition, particularly when a family is also moving, and helps the employer understand the potential liability issues before the employee embarks on a foreign assignment. Global mobility services can help your company develop and implement a global mobility strategy.

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