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To get the most out of your watering routine, use a sprinkler that covers the entire area of the lawn. Time your watering to occur in the early morning, between 6 and 10 AM. Watering during the middle of the day or at night may not produce the best results.
Mowing and fertilizing are considered basic maintenance practices, and each has a significant impact on the quality of a lawn. These routine maintenance practices are normally done when it is convenient for the homeowner; however, they should be done on a schedule and at the proper time in order for them to be most effective. Your landscaping will love our tree & shrub care program.
As with all pest control, proper weed identification is essential for best control options. Contact the local County Extension Office or the Clemson Home & Garden Information Center for identification and control of weeds in the lawn. For more information on weed control, see HGIC 2310, Managing Weeds in Warm Season Lawns.
Education, training, knowledge and experience go a long way toward customer satisfaction and retention. We use EPA-approved products and specialized techniques to help get the most out of your lawn. I had some landscaping work done and all I can say is WOW!
The Country Club of York is also hosting the 2023 Pennsylvania State Open in August and this tournament will be a great experience in preparing the golf course for tournament play. This internship will give the student a great opportunity to build his or her resume. Landscape construction clean-up cost runs from $250 to $700. Clean-Up could be needed in situations where irrigation or pipes are replaced or during pool construction that leaves sod, mulch, trees, and shrubs disturbed, uprooted, or askew. Many times, the landscape or pool crew attempts to realign everything but does a poor job. A landscape construction clean-up ensures that your sod or trees don’t die.
Basic lawn care often seems manageable, so many homeowners take the DIY route. They save money and get a little exercise, some fresh air, and satisfaction if all goes well. For those with a green thumb, landscaping, gardening, and lawn care are enjoyable hobbies. You have total control and choice, adding to the DIY appeal. Seeding a lawn often costs $90 to $180 per 1,000 square feet. Seeding a new lawn costs less than reseeding an existing lawn because the latter involves removing old sod, rototilling the ground, and amending the soil before planting.
Dutch clover is one of the toughest lawn alternatives on our list, easily withstanding normal foot traffic. Though not as quick-spreading as some of the other options we’ve mentioned, snow-in-summer typically covers upwards of 12 inches of ground each year. Planting even fleurs can mean some serious ground cover within a few years. Chamomile will thrive in direct or partial sun, but you’ll most likely only see partial coverage if you plant your chamomile in a shady spot.
You may have heard that mint spreads like crazy – but Corsican mint is considered a well-behaved creeper. Homeowners looking for services for their residential property, contact your local Davey office. Davey provides grounds management to hotels in all serviceable areas through the Avendra relationship. As a preferred and vetted service provider, Davey’s high-quality work helps boost curb appeal for Avendra’s clients. Davey treats each commercial property like its own, working diligently to establish and maintain an attractive and healthy landscape. After moss is established, it will not need regular watering.

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