Professional Gardening vs Basic Landscape Maintenance Why the Difference Matters to Your South Florida Property

Grounds maintenance workers do a variety of tasks to achieve pleasant and functional environments. They care for outdoor grounds of businesses, homes, parks, and other spaces and for indoor plants in hotels, malls, botanical gardens, and other commercial and public facilities. They generally work under the direction of a landscaping, lawn service, or groundskeeping supervisor. At Avant Gardening & Landscaping our goal is to customize a garden maintenance program to meet your needs, desires and budget. We don’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach to Wisconsin landscape maintenance. Each property and each homeowner is different so we strive to provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your yard is being cared for the right way.
We use our appropriate company uniforms, clean and uniquely marked trucks, as well as our friendly staff to provide you with the best service. At Strategic Grounds Management, we also offer tree trimming and removal services, landscape construction, irrigation install and repair and more. With routine lawn care maintenance and the right commercial landscaping strategies, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your properties will always look their best.
You can either buy a manmade plant food or opt for organic fertilizer. Always remember to wear gloves when working with fertilizers. A thorough soil test will help you determine its pH level (whether it’s acidic or alkaline) and nutrient levels. This will in turn tell you how easily your plants will be able to pull nutrients from the soil.
When you choose Texas Garden Services to create and maintain your outdoor environment, you are opting for more than a gardening service. You are choosing the highest level of professionalism and discretion. Plant stalks that have been left behind for winter interest are removed. Beds are cultivated in order to extend the life of your perennials, and to maximize growth and color. The beds are then fertilized with an extended life fertilizer that will provide necessary nutrients during the growing season.
Improper watering can also lead to reduced growth, flowering, and vegetable yields. During warm weather, water pots on a daily basis, making sure at least 20% of the water that enters the top of the pot exits out the bottom drainage hole to flush out excess fertilizer salts. In cooler weather, you won’t have to water as often, but do not let your containers dry out completely between waterings.
Then, after watering, use the screwdriver test to determine the depth of water penetration. This will prove valuable in the future in determining how much water should be applied. Texas Garden Services has designed, built, and maintained some of the most luxurious properties in Dallas, Texas. We are focused on addressing the specific concerns and demands of discerning homeowners.
Most landscaping, gardening, and lawn care companies have extensive knowledge of fertilizers and pest control options. Most companies also have both organic and non-organic options. Allow us to give you the best looking lawn in your neighborhood. Mauvaises herbes timed applications, along with our highly trained staff, will keep your lawn green and healthy. Our Healthy Lawn Division has been providing fertilization and weed control services to New Jersey residents for over a decade. Physical management methods include pulling, hoeing, tilling, mowing, cutting, stabbing, and many others in order to remove weeds and their roots.
So when does it make sense to look for a company that takes this overall management approach? Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current landscape maintenance company. They’ve been dependable and have always done a good job but they only operate comfortably within a limited range of services. They don’t seem to have the resources or expertise to deliver the detailed lawn and garden care that you want to see when you step into your yard. Meanwhile, you still have to contract separately with other companies to maintain your water feature or pond filtration equipment and to monitor the irrigation system.
If you’re reading this, you probably feel like there’s a better way to get the landscape you want without doing all the work. Here, we’ll share how a full-service landscaping company manages all four seasons of maintenance. With Lawn Love, you can manage scheduling, payments, and yard care services from your smartphone or laptop, without ever having to make a call.

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